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Default Re: Utter Desperation

Originally Posted by LambertIsGod58
Well, it's true. NO MATTER what NE does for the next 10yrs, the 70's Steelers will always be the greatest football dynasty of all time. 8 Hall of Famers in 5 years of drafts. How many legitimate HOF canidates does NE have? Tom Brady is about it. And Belichick. The Steelers formed that team through the draft. NE has not.

Classic. I'm not here to debate whether you're prized possesion Dynasty is the best, but I love how you oh so conviently leave out the fact that you didn't have a cap, so you could keep those guys. Didn't build it through the draft? What are you talking about. We drafted virtually everyone, but in today's salary cap age, you can't build solely through the draft.

At least be fair with your spin. :D
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