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Default Re: Utter Desperation

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Hey no way.

Steelers fans should not be in any way forced into giving up too much respect for the Pats.

However it reeks of desperation when I see posts on here about two things

1. It dont matter what them dang Pats do for the next 10 years - the 70;s Steeler were the best Dynasty ever.

2. The Pats are a lucky side who have only achieved what they have as a result of biased officiating and the 9/11 disaster.

I expect the Steelers to big themselves up - jeez - I bet even the Brownies have got their rose coloured specs on in the pre-season


1st off...esp. in this board...the fans give the Pats credit they deserve...they are the reigning champs, but are we as Steeler fans not allowed to optimistic about our chances to possibly take that title away from you next year???
Most of us don't have the attitiude that u seem to think we do. We, for obvious reasons, might not like the Pats, but we respect them and what they have acomplished. Of course, you are going to get your smack talkers...but your in the Blast Furnace for crying out loud (that's what it's here for)...if you don't like it go to the General NFL chat. And to tell you the truth...there are just as many trolls on this board posting meaningless crap from your fan base that have been rubbing it in this entire offseason.
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