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Default Re: L.A.R.K. Program, politcally incorrect

Originally Posted by j-dawg
well, he didn't voice his opinion. he decided to dress his opinion in a joke.... thus taking the stand that it's just a joke...
I was sent a joke that I thought was funny,maybe due to my political views maybe not, and posted it under HUMOR because I thought it would be enjoyed by SOME fellow board members. Also in the title of the post it states" politically incorrect ", that should have warned you about the content and if you still decided to read the joke be prepared. A serious political post would not be put under the classification of HUMOR.

Originally Posted by j-dawg
ken lay dying has nothing to do with my political views... don't make a joke about serious politics.. i won't have to respond then.
man.. he faked his death!! i bet he's drinking mohetoes on the beach somewhere as we speak!
Personally I think jokes about people dying ,especially before they are even in the ground, are in very poor taste !! I would rather be politically incorrect than MORALLY BANKRUPT !! Also puppy DAWG didn't anyone ever teach you bout opinions?? ... opinions are like a**holes everybody has one and your definitely a big one.

Originally Posted by j-dawg
why is it hypocritical to be a browns fan in los angeles? i grew up in cleveland, and (like more than half the people who live in los angeles), moved here.
BTW what defense has ever been FRY'ED???

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