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Originally Posted by Mosca
Plex actually had similar plays not once, but twice! As a rookie, Burress "caught a pass, fell down untouched, and then?forgetting the primary rules difference between college and pro football?spiked the rock. A Jacksonville player picked up the live ball and ran it back for six as Burress stood emanating waves of befuddlement." And later in his career, he was motoring toward the end zone for an easy untouched 6 and whacked the ball off his hip for a fumble.

What a bonehead. 100 dollar talent with a 10 cent head.
Wow twice!

I knew about the original mental meltdown - the second shows a weird lack of co-ordination - im presumeing he didn't purposefully hit the ball off his thigh?

I guess we are all just waiting for his 1st in a Giants shirt.

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