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Default Re: Pittsburgh offence

Originally Posted by bigbensgirl7
Ok, it's obvious that you are not really worth my time...but I will comment on this anyways. First off, in another thread you are sitting there crying about the lack of respect toward your team, but yet you are the one trolling on our board.
How can you sit there and say our running game was overrated? How (please inform us)?? they were ranked #2 in the league for a reason...
Now on to Bettis. Yes, at the beginning of the season, Bettis was the BACK-UP and when called upon did what the team needed him to do (score touchdowns). However, when Duce went out...Bettis came in and showed everyone he was not washed up, like most believed. The 6 weeks Staley was out, Bettis rushed for over 100 yrs in every game. So say what you will about Bettis...but you won't win an agrument here. (Oh and by the way...he is back and has stated that this year he wants the ball less, but don't think for one second, if he is called upon, he will not do his job).

If duce stays healthy, I have all confindence that he will be able to perform the same way he did last year (in the games he played)...he has shown no reason why he wouldn't!

Now on to Ben...I am honestly not even going to comment, because I am kind of tired of the Ben threads and having to defend him. I will just let him do his talking on the field when the time comes. If you want to know how I feel about him in this upcoming season...just search the's been talked about entirely too much...and it's not worth it. Oh and by the way... I hope the media does get away from wont see me upset one bit (so please don't hurt my feelings there).

So quit crying about the so called lack of respect we supposedly give your team, and realize we don't have to like you to respect you.
Like I have said before, I respect what the Pats have accomplished, the class the organization has showed during it, and the true fans that don't go trolling other boards and actually come over to talk football and have some fun smack talking (BUT USING FACTS (like hardwork and Dirtywater)...and not ignorance to back up what they say)

Ok, I'm done for now...I just had to rant for a bit...sorry for the long post guys!
I am wetting myself as I read your long-winded and almost totally misunderstood reply Bigbensgirl7.
Allow me to break down your emotional rant into its component parts.....

1. If I am not worth your time why have you clearly spent about an hour crying tears of frustration onto your keyboard as you pound away a reply on it?

2. I am not crying about a lack of respect for the Pats - yes I have pointed out nonsense threads such as the 'our Dynasty is bigger than your Dynasty' stuff - but I am not getting even slightly upset.

3. Your Running game was over-rated - you had by far the most rushing attempts in the league - hence the 2nd most yardage. I judge rushing avg to be a much better indicator of a teams effectiveness.

4. Overly defensive about Bettis - I agree he done a job for you last year. Even Steelers fans were moaning about him 'stealing' TD's from Duce. That was my point.

5. I asked whether you thought Duce could repeat his form. I was not telling you I didnt think he could. I was looking for an honest opinion - not a telling off like a naughty school boy.

6. You start by stating that you have no comment to make on BigBen - then proceed to tell me your every thought regarding him. You seem to have taken offence (yet again) at my comments - please tell me why.
I was simply stating that I like Ben as a QB and that you should expect the media honeymoon to be over by next year. They are very critical of every QB that doesnt have Manning as a surname.

7. I repeat I am not crying over anything. If anyone is emotionally over-fraught it is you. You need to sit down with a nice cup of tea and actually try reading a post before you get over excited and start typing nonsense replies.

8. I did come over to talk football. I asked the forums opinion on the Pitts O for the upcoming season. At no stage did I attempt to bash it unreasonably or compare it to the Pats offence.

Regards NM

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