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Default Re: Pittsburgh offence

LP, let me start by pointing out that the Bus was a token goal line specialist for three games or so. Then he ran for nearly 1,000 yards with only six starts. Only after sitting the final game of the season did he not get to 1000.
I believe when looking at our offense, you need not look past our offensive line to understand why we our successful running the football. Three pro bowlers and Kendall Simmons due back this year after a season ending injury in preseason. He has pro bowl potential as well.
I hope for Bens sake that the media circus around ben does end, and shift to Eli. This would be the best thing for us and Ben. pressure, pressure and more pressure. I think he is mature enough to handle it , to some extent. But this season was a little to much media, reall , really quick for a 22 year old.
The jury is still out on Duce, with our Oline and our commitment to the running game he should be fine. We really have not seen enough of him yet. But we do feel like we go pretty deep at the running back position.
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