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Default How Did You Become A Steeler Fan

I got married to a football fanatic who watched football every Sunday (the Steelers). he drove me nuts with that flippin football on tv all the time. We had 2 small kids and our son was also getting hooked on it. It was daddy and son's thing. My daughtr and I used to go shopping to get away. Then one Wednesday my husband and I had a "talk" and I convinced him that he was spending too much time on the football thing and our son was beliving football was life, etc, etc, etc, etc God I hated football. The next Sunday afternoon we all got into the car, my husband and I had decided that we would spend time with the kids, go out to dinner, pick berries just some nice all around family thing that we all couild enjoy. About 5 miles down the road on comes the dang radio and yes ..............FOOTBALL! i WAS SO ANGRY I SCREAMED TURN THIS DAMN CAR AROUND AND TAKE ME HOME! We had a huge fight! When we got home, the tv came on to some dang Steeler game and our son and daughter were sitting on the floor. My son said, "Missy do you want the Steelers to be your team?" And she said, "Yes I do!" Ratfink turned on me!

I really got to thinking that afternoon, my husband worked 6 days a week and spent Sundays with his family, so I got to thinking football must not be all that bad. I asked my husband (that day) if he would teach me about football. He had his work cut out for him because I didn't know a goal post from a first down. My husband does not like going to a game he says the potty lines at home are much shorter, he has the best seat in the house and the beer is colder. So, my son and I go to many of the games together. We have a ball and noone loves Steeler football more than I do!
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