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Default Re: PREDICTION: The Super Bowl XLVIII champions will be...

Originally Posted by NSMaster56 View Post
Agree with most of this.


If the Pack don't sneak in the postseason then CAR @ SEA seems like a near lock.

The AFC is a crapshoot, but the AFC North winner vs. KC is my gut feeling.

My reasons for thinking the above are not logical, because playoff outcomes rarely are.
Carolina and Seattle are as close to a lock as you'll get. I don't buy the 49ers hype and the Saints have slipped up too many times on defense for me to have any confidence. Seattle and the Panthers are just the most complete teams in the NFC right now and arguably the NFL.

I don't see the AFC North winner getting passed the first round, especially if they have to play the Chiefs.

My bold prediction for these playoffs - Peyton goes 0-2 with the Broncos in the playoffs and keeps on his proud tradition of doing dick all in the post season.
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