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Default Re: Utter Desperation

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
1. It dont matter what them dang Pats do for the next 10 years - the 70;s Steeler were the best Dynasty ever.
2. The Pats are a lucky side who have only achieved what they have as a result of biased officiating and the 9/11 disaster.

Just for the record...
It will matter what the Pats do cause they could easily become the best franchise. But since two teams have five SB trophies, and we have four, and the pats only have three, don't go counting things you don't have yet. And yes 4 in 6 is still the standard not by us, but by numerous football knowledgeble players, coaches, and media.
I don't believe in the 9/11 stuff towards the pats, but I will say the pats get the "Jordan" treatment by refs. I would like to ref: a post made by Peter King on when he pondered why if holding is one of those calls that could be flagged every play why the Steelers were flagged six times and the Pats none? Not crying cause you gotta play it the way the refs call it, but statiscally, it does seem to show a special treatment.
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