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Default Re: YINZ SUCK HARD!!!

Originally Posted by Lady Steel View Post
Going back and looking at his post history, up until his animal porn fiasco, he really hadn't posted here much since 2010, so I think his being here "a long time" is kind of misleading.

Why did you want to believe he was hacked? Because he is from Ohio?
Well, in all honesty, I wasn't around much when he was posting. I have however went back and read past posts (in fact, I've read a majority of posts dating back to '06) and when his name did show up, it usually wasn't in a negative manner. Everyone I've talked to has said he was a good poster, and were just as shocked as me when he went and did all of this.

I kind of hoped that he was hacked and that's why the crap was happening, but I never really believed he was hacked (sorry if I wasn't clear about that). Everyone points to the man who posted that crap being the same man who signed up in 2009.

In all honesty, though, I think it's time this thread (and every other thread involving this asshat) gets canned. Don't want this perv to get any more recognition than he deserves.

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