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Default Re: Battlefield 4 is out

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
This game is still broken. DICE really shit the bed with this launch. They have a history of releasing games with tons of bugs and issues. Normally I defend them and give them a little bit of time but I think there's been something like 2-3 patches for the 360/PS3/PS4/PC and only one for the Xbox ONE. Their remedy for all of these headaches was a free crappy sight for the 1911 pistol, and a week of double XP which was so epically pointless considering the issues with people losing stats, and the bugs causing the game to crash to the home screen.

Really frustrating. Somewhere underneath this veil of game-breaking bugs is a fantastic game. I know it because I experience it up and until those game breaking glitches occur.
As buggy as it is, it doesn't hold a candle to how buggy BF2142 was. You couldn't play more than one round before it crashed out on you. Bugs for days, and even with all that it was my favorite of the series. It's still so buggy that reinstalling it is virtually impossible with the broken update system.

I'm on PC and the bugs have settled down in BF4 quite a bit. It's back to the big issue being the cheaters now.
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