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Default Re: Patriots are lucky!!!

Originally Posted by clevestinks
Not so fast! I can`t remember anyone saying that Plax was anything but a number 2 receiver. And Like every team , you root for your team know matter who is on the field. Plax was never a fan favorite here. He was lazy, didn`t have great speed, and his hands are just a luittle better than average. With that said, if it were Hines Ward who had left for NY, you wouldn`t here any of us saying he was terrible or overrated. Kendrell Bell also. We thought he was great here, but injury prone. we, at least I didn`t want him to leave, he is something special when healthy. I don`t think anyone here would rag on him. Burress was a bad example on your part. If troy Brown was a lazy jerk, who always complained, you wouldn`t be sorry when he got cut. It s players like Burress that make you appreciate the Wards and Browns of the league even more.

Well, I used to frequent other Steelers forums before here, and they sure let me know how 'awesome' and 'great' Plax was. Hey, even I think he is a damn good receiver. Maybe this is the black hole of Steelers forums, but that was my impression. Point taken though.

I do have to say, this is the best Steelers forums online. You guys at least are willing to discuss an issue.
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