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Default Re: Happy Birthday, Buddha!

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
Happy B Day guy.

How was that Sockeye?
Still haven't tried it yet. I had just gotten a couple of growlers filled when I got it and I have to get through that before it goes bad. I'll get to it this weekend though and let you know! Thanks again!

And to @Lady Steel : Thank you for the birthday thread and sweet words.

I'm thinking maybe now that you're divorced from that lowlife Fer, you could be my Queen of Awesometown? We'd rule that place with iron fists and let them all eat cake (the "all" being us since we're the only ones living there and, dammit, I love cake! )!!!!!!


I wave my private parts at your aunties, you heaving lot of second-hand electric donkey bottom biters.
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