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Default Re: Patriots are lucky!!!

Here are some comments from Mean Joe Greene about the Pats:

"This last team (2004 Patriots) reminded me of our 1979 club," Greene said. "I?m talking about veterans who knew how to win regardless of what they encountered. That was like our last two championships."
The 1979 Steelers beat the Rams, 31-19, in Super Bowl XIV.
"We came to play every game," Greene said, "but you never knew how well you were going to have to play to win. Whatever ?good enough? was, that?s what we were. Some weeks ?good enough? had to be better than the week before.
"Watching the Patriots in the playoffs against Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, I saw a veteran team that knew how to win. They have good generalship. The guys know how to play. This is a team with guys on the football field knowing what to do. They are guys who can take charge and they have the coaching, too. They were ready to capitalize on opportunities when the ball bounced their way and that?s what good teams do. When I played, my coaches told me ?You never know when you?re going to have to step up? and you?ve got to be ready to do that.
"Sometimes, you have four, five, or six people who always show up, but most of the time, that hat falls on somebody else rather than one of those guys. And that?s when you have a solid football team ?- when somebody else makes the big play."
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