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Default Re: So who's ur 1st round draft pick ?

I'd be all for DL on the first day.. there's no glaring weakness that needs a first round pick to step in right away on our team. You could make a case for WR, with Plax gone, but I really think they make look to FA for another big WR if we give Zamir Cobb a legit shot at the job in the future since he has a big upside.

Last year I would have said CB in the first round..but we've spent several big picks on DB's the last few years..with Troy, Ricardo, and Ike....Troy is of course a beast at safety..but w/ williams resigning soon, that buys us alittle time I think to see if coclough can do the job they hope he can.. I like Taylors size, but he seems alittle inconsistent.
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