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Default Re: Bud Selig on Pirates Ownership

You have GOT to be kidding me??? This pretty much seals the deal - Selig is a blithering idiot. How the hell can ANYONE claim with a straight face that the Three Stooges (The Nuttings and McClatch-tard) are committed to winning? Where is the evidence? They make between $15 million to over $20 million per year off the team. They take excessive profits from the team and put it in their pockets. The payroll is consistently in the bottom third of the league despite the gold mine that is PNC Park. Hasn't it ever occurred to those penny-pinching idiots that if they put a winner on the field, they would still make an assload of cash from selling out damn near every game? And someone needs to remind Mr. Selig that the reason why Oakland and Minnesota are the lowest revenue teams in the league is because both play in old, outdated and baseball-unfriendly stadiums that do not generate any revenue. They have an excuse for having low payrolls. The Pirates do not - period. The fact Selig will blast Manny Ramirez for not showing up at the All-Star game, but won't criticize the Stooges for their complacency and lack of commitment to winning shows that he's nothing but an apologist and a mouthpiece for ownership, no matter how obviously horrible it is.
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