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Originally Posted by Steeler606 View Post
Its hard up which is sillier. Maybe if I jumped ship in 2005 or 2008, I could see the bandwagon thing, but not right now. I think the old saying rings true here, which is why they(mainly one person) are so pissed over it, is because misery loves company. Its the only logical explanation, but then again, believing Dalton will be elite tells me they don't operate in the realm of reality.
they might be taking it so hard because Bengals fans had such high hopes throughout the season. It is a big let down. I think most people have bought into it that the Bengals are for real. I'm not sold yet, but they'll have a chance to get better like everybody else.
i'm not too happy with Sears right now, and on the 4th of July weekend.
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