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Default Re: Big 10 sucks, SEC rules

I did not agree with the LSU/Bama rematch from a couple of years ago. Was not fair that LSU goes to Tuscaloosa and beats the Tide and their reward is an extra game in the conference championship and rematch against the team you beat once already. Was not in favor of the Mich/OSU rematch idea either. Now has the SEC had a string of success in the championship games, yes no question. Are they currently 7-2 this bowl season and once again in the championship game, yes again. Are they the toughest college football conference in the country, IMO and most of the sporting experts yes they are. I am not saying they are vastly superior but the proof is how they have stacked up against any and all other competition over the last ten years. I am a fan of the MSU Bulldogs and we are not a top 20 team, but for a team that finished in the bottom half of the conference we field a very good defense and have a soph QB that will make a name for him self next year. We lost 6 games this year and all 6 games were to top 20 teams. Auburn beat us at Auburn with less than a minute to go. Do I think a bottom SEC team could beat a top tier Big 12 or Big 10 team, not likely. But is SEC plays any other conference from top to bottom they would come out ahead, not a domination but ahead non the less.
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