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Default Re: Ike Taylor's future with Pittsburgh Steelers

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
Ike moving to safety will not be the factor to break the camel's back - run-stopping and pressure pretty much 1a and 1b are

I love Ike, I think he would be an average safety and a "solid" upgrade over Clark. It can be looked at as a stop gap until they get the next guy.

The Steelers, with a NT of the future, Heyward, McClendon, Keisel/Woods/Hood and pressure from Jasom and Jarvis (2.0) can make teams 1 dimensional. If they get back to holding teams to 40-80 yards of rushing a game you'll see everything else look that much sweeter. It IS that simple. Now, yes, we also need a corner that will nullify the #1 guy. But really, it isn't about "shutdown" - a word I hate vs. #1, it is about tackling - if you can't keep up and can't tackle - it doesn't matter who you are covering - Ike and more importantly the Steelers would be better off with Ike there at the least at Safety and for emergency duties at CB
Okay. So that means we go into next season with Cortez Allen covering their best receiver week in and week out and Will I. Am Gay as our starter... again....

If we still had Lewis, then I wouldn't be opposed to bumping Taylor down on the depth chart and using him in different ways depending on what was going on in game much like they did with Troy. But we dont, and since we need to take a corner in the top 2-3 rounds and perhaps another in the 5-6th rounds, Ike and Allen (if he steps up) are going to have to take on the responsibility of taking on and trying to shutdown the opposing team's top receivers.
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