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Default Re: Patriots are lucky!!!

Originally Posted by BengalBrian
Yep.. Time for 90% of NE fans to stop being fans since its downhill from here for a few years at least

Yet another classic. Where did you learn that line, from your big brothers here at the Steelers Forums?

Should I point out how empty your stadium was during your bad years? No, that would only cheapen my argument. See, I realize that every team has die-hard and bandwagon fans. You know when I realized that? When I was maybe 9 years old. It's called common sense genius.

In addition, I've been hearing the same old 'downhill' line going on 3 years now. What's happened in that amount of time? Look at my sig if you need a visual reference. The only constant is your team has been .500 or worse. Good try though commander.

Sit down son, this is a man's game.
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