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Default Re: Patriots are lucky!!!

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
Why don't you catch up on the posts already on our board before assuming everyone wanted Plax. Again you never answered why he(Brown) deserved a paycut. At least we were honest with Jerome about what we expect and what we would pay.

Let's play catch up, shall we? Did you read what I wrote:

Well, I used to frequent other Steelers forums before here, and they sure let me know how 'awesome' and 'great' Plax was.
I didn't think reading comprehension could be so hard.

As for Brown, he didn't deserve a pay cut. Who ever deserves a pay cut? Facts are facts. Troy's time as a WR on our team diminished with the emergence of Branch and Givens. Add at the time Patten, and Troy was facing being a 4th or 5th WR if you factor in Bethel Johnson.

Going into this season, the Pats added Tim Dwight and David Terrell. Subtract Patten and he faced falling to 5th if Dwight makes the team. So, his playing time could have potentially fallen even more. We added players, cap numbers go up and well, it wasn't cost effective to have his original cap number. Those are the facts. You can't live in Candyland, where it's all puppy dogs and ice cream. Belichick still repsected the man, but he knew in order to keep him he would have to take a pay cut. Did he deserve it? No. But this is a business, and you don't win championships in the salary cap era by constantly rewarding past performance with every player. It's impossible.

We, you and every other team faces the same issues each season. It's how you deal with it that seperates the winners and losers. And finally, like I said, it obviously didn't bother him that much as he turned down both more money and more of a role to play in New Orleans.
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