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Default Re: Patriots are lucky!!!

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
Why don't you catch up on the posts already on our board before assuming everyone wanted Plax. Again you never answered why he(Brown) deserved a paycut. At least we were honest with Jerome about what we expect and what we would pay.
Im amazed at how consistently that posters on this forum seem to have absolutely no concept of the salary cap and how its works.
Maybe this is because alot of you still rooting for the 70's Steelers?!

The patriots are running an extremely efficient organisation. They look after the needs of the team & franchise before the needs of a single player.

Ill agree it seemed harsh to dangle Troy out in the cold, but this is a business - the business of winning Superbowls.

Maybe I can find a link to a site where the whole concept of salary cap is explained point by point to help to the slower of you guys.


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