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Default Re: Chili and Wings

Originally Posted by cbalke

This is officially my favorite forum(SF, not just the recipes) of all time. Where have you guys been all my life?????

I can't believe all the cool stuff I'm finding here. Plus everyone's a Steelers fan. How could you go wrong? lol

Anyway, I've got a monster chili recipe and wings recipe. I'll post both of them a little bit later once I get the chance to remember all the ingredients(my mind just went know how it goes when you get put on the spot?) and calm down from all my giddiness of having a new favorite forum.

Oh, I apologize, but I do have to leave out one ingredient from the chili. It's a secret.

I will kill myself and haunt you for the rest of your life if you put a recipe in here ..missing a key ingredient....

(and your right..this forum is the best...and gets better as fans like you join )
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