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Originally Posted by bcolton82
don't be fooled by this clown...he lives in Cincinnati!
He's not a Steelers fan, in fact, he owns a Carson Palmer jersey and wears it proudly!
He called Kimo a "dirty cheater", and boldly declared that Joey Porter is gay, because he quote "likes to take shots in the ass"!!!
He only joined the wagon AFTER the super bowl...because his older cousin (that's me) is a DIE HARD STEELERS FANATIC!!!
Over Christmas break, we went to a Steelers bar in Cincy for the week 16 game against the Browns, & he wore a FREAKING Bernie Kosar throwback jersey!!!
He USED to live in Pittsburgh when he was like 4, and claims this as the basis for him being a Steelers fan, but I know the truth!!!

You've been exposed Mr. Hosmer!!!

PS: Everything in this post has been fabricated, other than our trip to the bar...and he didn't wear a Kosar jersey, I don't know anybody that would even want to own one!!! Besides, he would've caught an ass whoopin in that bar without a Steelers jersey on!
Man, you'd think you could count on family for some support! But no, Steelers fan for life - I'm in Orlando now, moved from Bowling Green/Cincinnati, and before the Pittsburgh. Definately can't get rid of that black and gold once it's in your blood. And I think when you live in Cincinnati it flows even a little stronger!
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