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Default This is kinda long, but the Jack Ham story is incredible!!!

To my fellow Steelers faithful,
My name is Brandon and I live in good ol State College, PA. We have the greatest college football stadium in the world, & the legendary Biggie Smalls shouted us out on the hit "All About the Benjamins". I'm practically next door neighbors with Joe Pa, who hired my grandfather (& dhosmer's grandfather) during his stint as athletic director in the early 1970's. I also went to high school with Larry (Sorry, I slapped your daughter) Johnson, who I still can't believe had the season he did in 2005. I just had to throw that in there. Anyway, I'm a lifelong Steelers fan, other than when I was like 6 & the Eagles had Cunningham. My cousin (dhosmer on this forum) has a home video of me when I was 8 saying Bubby Brister is my favorite player. I still can't believe I ever uttered those horrible words. I was in 8th grade when Neil O'Donnell threw the Super Bowl, and I subsequently threw trash at the TV. There was also a vicious hate letter written, but ultimately, never sent. I figured that would make me look like Ray Finkle. LACES OUT!

OK, so I'm gonna end this introduction on a story about Jack Ham, a Steelers Legend!

One drunken night, last May, during Penn State graduation weekend, me & a few buddies were heading back from the bars to an after hours spot. During the short walk, somehow Jack Ham's name got thrown into the mix. This kid Eric* (names changed to conceal true identity as they could be reading), immediately jumps into the conversation with "MY MOM ****ED JACK HAM!" We all bust up laughing, like "Is this kid serious?" So we start raggin on him. This other kid John* jumps in, "Well that's something to really be proud of huh?" Eric* retorts "Don't be jealous cuz my mom ****ed a hall of famer!" Then he shouts really loudly "STEELERS BABY!" At this time, I throw out "I don't know if I'd want to know about my mother's sexual conquests". He responds "B, I know you're jealous. You LUUUUUUUVVVV Jack Ham." Random jokes start coming out of nowhere about Jack's HAM. So Finally Eric* goes "My mom ****ed Jack Ham. Who's your mom ****?...huh, huh...YOU'RE DAD???" At this point, we all lost it. John* goes "Yeah, that's right, it's pretty normal for someones Mom and Dad to sleep together". Anyway, the next day, Eric was having a hog roast as a graduation party, at none other than his moms house. A few of us thought it would be absolutely hilarious if we all showed up at different times rocking a throwback Jack Ham jersey, and playing it off like we had no idea we all were gonna wear one. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to locate some Jack Ham jerseys. Otherwise, that would have been soooo funny!
This story has made its rounds, and now, I can honestly say I've seen a random chick walk up to him in a bar & ask him if his mom is still messing with Jack Ham. At least he finds the humor in it too.
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