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Default Re: Heroic Armed Citizen Stops Movie Texting With Gun, Murder

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
As a moviegoer I'll be the first to complain about the idiots that bring their phones into movies, the dumbasses that are texting or talking throughout the movie, the people who sit right on top of you when the theater is nearly empty, the people who think the theater is a romantic venue to have sex in, the people who think the theater is a good place to toke it up, the 7ft tall idiots that sit in front of you and block your view, parents that drop off their obnoxious and loud teens at Rated R movies, etc...

I worked as a Concessionist at a movie theater in high school, and I've always been a moviegoer. Movies to me are a sacred experience and it sincerely pisses me off, even more so nowadays, that people feel the need to try and ruin the experience for everyone else when everyone pays at least $10.00 (sometimes more) to get into the theater to watch a movie. They literally show adverts prior to the start of every movie telling people to shut their damned phones off, and not to talk or text and yet there's always some bumbling idiot or idiots that think they are the exception to the rule.

Having dealt with all types and having been in numerous theater confrontations myself I've never once thought about brandishing my concealed carry firearm and shooting the other person. This man's actions are despicable to say the very least, and he should spend the rest of his life in prison or on death row as a result of his actions.

One thing that irks me though is that news outlets keep pointing out he is a "Retired Police Captain". The dude retired in 1993. That's 21 years ago. A lot can change in a person in a couple of years time more or less 21 years. To me his retired title from 21 years ago has no bearing on his actions in the theater and it only serves to open the door for generalized criticism of law enforcement by members of the general public who hate law enforcement to begin with. The media will literally say anything to put law enforcement into a negative light. The good hard working, men and women of law enforcement don't deserve to be thrown in with this likes of this man and the detestable act he committed against a young man over a minor dispute.
I agree with most of your post, but the part where his past law enforcement employment being too much, I don't. It's relevant because he should know better having come from that background. I don't think it's an indictment of law enforcement as a whole, just him. There's no excuse for letting this type of thing spiral out of control like that, especially if you have ever worked in law enforcement. They should have a better understanding of how to diffuse such issues, not escalate them.

It's possible his past law enforcement career was only added as background also. You'll see a lot of descriptive things like that added to these types of stories to give you more information on the parties involved. I don't think it was to make law enforcement look bad.

Shame on this guy for orphaning a child over something so insignificant regardless of what field he did or does work in.

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