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Default Re: Heroic Armed Citizen Stops Movie Texting With Gun, Murder

Originally Posted by Buddha Bus View Post
I agree with most of your post, but the part where his past law enforcement employment being too much, I don't. It's relevant because he should know better having come from that background. I don't think it's an indictment of law enforcement as a whole, just him. There's no excuse for letting this type of thing spiral out of control like that, especially if you have ever worked in law enforcement. They should have a better understanding of how to diffuse such issues, not escalate them.

It's possible his past law enforcement career was only added as background also. You'll see a lot of descriptive things like that added to these types of stories to give you more information on the parties involved. I don't think it was to make law enforcement look bad.

Shame on this guy for orphaning a child over something so insignificant regardless of what field he did or does work in.
He should have known better but the guy is 71 years old so 21 years after retiring he could be a completely different person now than he was then and judging from what I've read about his police career he was a pretty damned decent police officer. It just amazes me that this guy could do something so senseless but I have to imagine that there's some type of mental degradation going on that lead to this.

The guy that was texting was obviously being a punk but he didn't deserve to die for his actions... just a tragic, traumatic event and the real victims are the wife who took a bullet through the hand, and the little girl who no longer has a Father. Senseless really is the best word to describe this event.
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