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Default Re: Heroic Armed Citizen Stops Movie Texting With Gun, Murder

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
no disrespect to your father, but if the old man cannot control his temper then maybe he should have been euthanized like a dog.

or at the very least been chained up and not let outside of the yard where normal people walk
the famous words after a dog bites someone by the dogs owner is ...." well he's never bit anyone before. ". people are even less predictable than dogs. you never know what a persons capable of in the heat of the moment. i had a former classmate shot and killed by a 74 year old man over a property line dispute just last year. i doubt anyone that knew the old man woulda thought him capable of murder over something so trivial. pissed off people make bad decisions. unfortunately there's no do overs and you have to live with regret.
i'm certainly not gonna defend the old guy. he coulda just left and asked for a refund when he got apparently no response from the theater staff about the complaint. which they should have addressed it immediately .OR mr texty could've shown the old guy a bit of respect and followed the rules of the cinema. according to the last article i posted an eyewitness said the old guy asked him SEVERAL times to stop. then to further antagonize the old man he runs his yap when the guy comes back and throws shit at him ? what the hell happened to the concept of respecting your elders ?
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