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Default Re: Patriots are lucky!!!

You really still dont grasp the salary cap despite your protestations otherwise IRONCITYCHIEF.

Quite simply - for a team as succesful as the New England Patriots there isnt enough salary to go round in order that everyone is paid what they are worth.

The Pats admin would have said to Troy - Well done on an excellent season, you are part of Patriots folklore - however he is getting on in years and the only thing the administration really care about is the UPCOMING years performance....not some wishy washy sentimental pay-off.

The bottom line is that the Pats were nothing but fair with all their players - they give them the figure they are willing to pay them for their services - if the player wants it - he takes it...simple.

If he doesn't - he can take the Lawyer Milloy/ Ted Washington option and go for the pay day at the expense of a realistic shot at another ring.

It just goes to show what very little ammo you have to shoot our way when you keep moaning and whining about a player we have actually re-signed.

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