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Default Re: Former head coach Cowher: Steelers tried stealing signals, too

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Here is an analogy that works.

Bill Cowher admits that he has driven a white Bronco above the speed limit.

So, he's essentially the same as OJ... right?
that was AC Cowlings, I don't know if he was speeding and OJ was found not terrible analogy!

Bottom line, the Pats cheated. We don't know how often or for how long. Goodell destroyed the evidence for some unknown reason and hasn't had to really answer for it. Because of that, the patriots super bowls will always be tainted.

The oilers in 1979 stole the chargers signals and picked off Fouts 5 times in the playoffs. Although kind of slimy, that's gamesmanship and opposing teams have to account for that. I mean there are all these code names in plays for this very reason. Ben isn't going to the line of scrimmage saying, fake handoff to bell! fake handoff to Bell, pass to brown on a go route! set hike! But you shouldn't have to hire a security team during a practice to make sure some freak isn't hiding in the bushes filming all of your plays that they are practicing against you.

The AFC and the superbowl NFC teams got screwed over (perhaps) because the patriots decided to act like total slimeballs in a win at all costs mentality that went above and beyond playing the game. I think its fine that 10 years later people are still talking about it and putting up an asterisk next to those "championships". While we're at it, put one next to the broncos 2 championships and the 49ers 1994 title for cheating the salary cap.

just my 2 cents.
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