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Default Re: Patriots are lucky!!!

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
Not getting testy are you? Just wanted to know from a NE fan if you thought Brown was treated "fairly". Guess you are okay with long as you keep winning so we'll see how it turns out . Speaking of little ammo, did you typically surf Steelers boards when you were the laughing stock of the league or just cause you won the last Super Bowl?

And there it is. the real ironcitychef comes out. When backed into a corner of his own bad logic, he spits out the only line he can think of. One that is both irrelevant and wrong.

Let's see. The majority of the forums for football became popular around maybe '99, give or take a year in either direction. So, two things. First off, our team wasn't playing great at that time (Hello Pette Carroll, lol) so why would we talk smack. I guess that is something you would do? Again, bad logic. Second, where would we have posted if that was the case?

Your inference that we have bad fans has now become pure comedy. Label us all you want fella, it's all good. As a die-hard fan, I learned around age 10 that all teams have good and bad fans. Again, common sense. Should we even begin to talk about all those empty seats at Heinze during our playoff game once your team faced adversity? Not worth it IMHO cause I'm adult enough to know that the true fans stuck with their team no matter what.

Man, sometimes it's OK to admit you were wrong. I've done it here. Clevestinks pointed out my error in the Plax situation on this forum and I took it like a man. Clevestinks did the same in the Ty Law thread. Admitting you are wrong is a bitch, but we'd all actually think more of you. No need for the cheapshots when your argument goes south.

I know you're used to dealing with pushovers when it comes to Pats fans, but you've picked on the wrong guy.
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