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Default Re: Cincy radio station billboard...

Originally Posted by Big D
I wasnt. do you have a link

No real overreactions, besides the one by Big Ben. However, Ben was right when he said "whenever you go low on a quarterback, you know it's a little dirty," anytime you do that to a quarterback, regardless of the reason, someone is going to label it a cheap shot. Many fans besides Bengal and Steeler fans call it a cheap shot still. I by no means think that Kimo tried to tackle Carson with intent of hurting him, but I do think at that moment he did have the intent of taking him to the ground.

As a Bengal fan, I've watched Kimo play for a very long time, considering he started out his career as a bengal. He's really a nice guy, he wouldn't try to injure someone on purpose. Again, I and most other Bengal fans don't really consider Kimo's hit to be a cheap shot, but that doesn't mean it doesn't still hit a nerve everytime we see it. When I refer to Kimo's hit as a cheap shot, it's basically used as a joke to get under a steeler fan's skin.

The image of Carson going down at the hand of the Steelers is something that most Bengal fans can rally behind, like I said, it hits a nerve...and putting it on a billboard is just a good way to get the support of the area bengal fans.
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