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Default Re: Steelers fans in Boston?

Originally Posted by Sportsgrl113
I recently moved to Boston and am looking for a good place to watch the games in the fall and connect with some home town folks in this area. Any good Pittsburgh bars here? The Ben Roethlisberger incident really made me want to meet some Pittsburgh people here. No one in my Boston office could really relate to Ben's accident and made a lot of comments and jokes about him not wearing a helmet ( we all know it wasn't the best thing for him to be doing, its just annoying for other people who are not Steelers fans to make a joke of it)

Anyway, Go Steelers and get well Ben!

There are a huge amount of Steeler fans in the Boston area, in fact I was amazed at all the Steeler Power we have there. Good luck to you on finding a good Steeler bar. I know they are out there because many in my club from that area have talked about it. :)
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