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Default Re: Cincy radio station billboard...

Originally Posted by Big D
i think you misread what i was saying hawk if kimo would have rolled over on matts knee in the superbowl what would your opinion be
It would be harder for me to get to that opinion, sure. But I hope I would have the objectivity with time to see it from the big picture perspective.

Actually, that example is pretty akin to the SB officiating issue. There were a few key calls that on some occasions would not have been flagged but they were. It felt like more of those calls seemed to go against the Hawks that day. But when all is said and done , if I look at the plays objectivley I can see that most of the calls were correct if you are following the rule book to a T. Inconsistancy of calls is part of the game and we have to figure more calls will go against you when you are not the home team. And the Hawks did not play to their potential that day. So we've got to suck it and move forward and focus on the issues we can control. But it still makes me feel a little sick to know we were that close.... Hopefully the players will turn that feeling into more success next season.
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