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Originally Posted by CanSteel7 View Post
If you ask me, the quality that I hear that is most important is "that guy is a football player". I hear Mayoch talk about it. Guys who are true football players, I love to draft. Obviously they have to have talent, but the mental make up and that quality described is what I would pick.
I agree, but there still has to be some level of talent/skills/physical tools factored into the equation. The heart, drive, positive mentality, football smarts, and work ethic of a player can make:

1.) a bad player serviceable
2.) a serviceable player good
3.) a good player great
4.) a great player a pro bowler
5.) a pro bowler a Hall of Famer

#1 and #2 can fill out the depth chart and be backups or even starters. #3 can get you a solid starter and possibly playoff bound. #4 and #5 can win you Super Bowls with the right mix around them. You just need to find the right balance for what you need. A player with all the physical tools and skills in the world can still be a great player, even a pro bowler, but the right intangibles can elevate them to Hall of Fame status.

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