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Default Re: Big Ben or Brady?

Some quick stats I found while looking up the 143 times a QB has been sacked 42+ times in a season:

Big Ben has been sacked at least 42 times five years. Only Randall Cunningham has more occurrences with seven (seriously, imagine how many rush yards Cunningham would have accumulated if sacks didn't count as -yds!).

Three of those five years BR7 posted a RATE above 90. The two seasons he didn't he won the SB (80.1 RATE in 2008) and was hampered by appendicitis+thumb injury+being hit by a car (75.4 in 2006).

AVG QB sacked 42+ times: 57.95 comp%, 18.35 TD, 14.75 INT, 3196 Yds, 79.3 RATE, only 13 seasons of 9+ wins and a 90 RATE

BR7 sacked 42+ times: 63.15 comp%, 24.2 TD, 15 INT, 3711 Yds, 90.4 RATE, 2 seasons of 9+ wins and a 90 RATE

BR7 also has the third and eighth best RATE when sacked 42+ times and is one of only one of six QBs to post a >100 RATE while sacked as many times.

Peer comparison:

Four of Tom Brady's worst five seasons (by RATE and/or AV; and to some extent TD and comp%) happened when he was sacked 30 or more times. He has been sacked 40 or more times only twice (40 this year and 41 in 2001).

Peyton Manning has never been sacked more than 29 times, but his worst three seasons occurred when he was sacked most (or worst two if you discount his rookie campaign).

Drew Brees just had one of his four best seasons while being sacked career-high number of times. It was the first time he has been sacked more than 30 times in a season.

Also worth noting that...

Big Ben has been only been sacked fewer than 30 times once in his career (23 times in 2005, the year he won the SB; of course, he only played in 12 games that year...)

He has been sacked 386 times in 10 years (38.6 sacked/year) whereas Brady only 343 times in 12 years (28.583; not counting his injured 2008 season) and Peyton a mere 270 times in 16 years (16.875).

All this is to say that it looks as if it's really difficult to compare him to his 'peer' QBs (not named Aaron Rodgers) statistically or even 'mechanically'.

His situation has been quite unique and he's handled it marvelously (post-2004 inflated pass stats included).

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