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Default Re: Big Ben or Brady?

Originally Posted by HardenedSteel View Post
What was also interesting about the stats in that blog is that in half of the games thar the Steelers won with BR as QB the opposing team scored 10 or less points.

It is an interesting stat, WOA. It seems to rank QBs in an interesting light, more than yards passing or completion percent. Of course, football is a team sport wherevthe QB is given too much credit and too much blame.
The stat is certainly more appealing for the 'new style' of football, where good defense is less important than just winning.

Without looking through BR7's game log, I would wager that of those wins where his D gave up less than 10 points the Steelers scored a shade over 10 themselves at least 25-33% of the time (I'm specifically thinking of 2008 when the Steelers beat CLE 10-6, SD 11-10 and BAL 13-9, among other instances).

The Cowher Steelers grinded out wins in the 17-6-to-23-13 score range.

The post-Cowher Steelers had to transition to a new offensive philosophy with a third year QB and a Swiss-cheese OL.

Factor in the elements of being an East coast team and you have the makings of a 'smash mouth' football team that was never going to win with 'style points'.

The 08 Steelers played 70's football. Starting in 09 they began adapting to more a modern era and it hasn't worked too well (for a variety of reasons).

WOA seems like a good indicator of a team's 'style', but it can't account for a QB like BR7 or Flacco's importance in a certain ('smash mouth') style.

Maybe if there were WOA stats for the Slash/Maddox and post-Dilfer eras we'd have a better indication of just how important BR7 and Flacco are to their respective teams?
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