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Default Re: Wes Welker fires 1st shot (at Richard Sherman)

I am becoming a Marshawn Lynch fan

This excerpt from an interview with yesterday

Would you say the Ghost Ride on the injury cart was your favorite college experience?

Lynch: My favorite college experience was probably leaving college. But the Ghost Ride was up there, too....

Do you have a dog now?

Lynch: I do What’s its name?

Lynch: Ice. What does he do while you play? Does he watch your games?

Lynch: Haha no. He’s out doing his doggie dog thing, living in his doggie dog world. You feel me?

The Ghost Ride was when Marshawn drove the injury cart around the field after an OT win in college

When the University of California's football team defeated Washington in a stunning 31-24 overtime thriller last fall, All-American running back Marshawn Lynch felt the need to celebrate.

Normally shy and stoic, Lynch didn't just clap his hands or whoop with joy. Instead, he hopped into a vacant injury cart and maniacally drove around the turf as players, coaches and refs jumped out of his zigzagging path. Meanwhile, the sold out crowd roared with delight. Lynch's stunt made for national news, and became a staple in year-end college football montages.

Following the exhibition, Lynch clarified his intentions:

"That's how we do it here in Oaktown," he told SI's Michael Silver after the game.

"I was gonna ghost ride it for a minute at the end, but it ain't got no neutral, so it would've just kept rollin'. So I just did that move."

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” - H.L. Mencken
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