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Default Re: Wes Welker fires 1st shot (at Richard Sherman)

Originally Posted by BLACK_AND_YELLOW View Post
Ike Taylor calls Sherman a "good" corner....

"If you want to talk about stats, he has the best stats in three years, probably better than any corner who plays the game," Taylor said. "If you want to talk about being the best corner, you have to match up against the best receiver every game. For years in and years out. Not just one year but pretty much for your entire career. I've matched up since '05 and this is 2014. So until he can match up and play the team's top receiver week in and week out.

"He's a good corner ... but to say he's the best corner, you've got to humble yourself just a little bit by saying that."
I guess by "stats" Ike "Hands Of Stone" Taylor means Sherman can catch the ball when he has a chance for an INT

Seahawks secondary has that ability

His initial training as a receiver may help explain why Sherman has become the best cornerback in the NFL. This year, he led the league in interceptions with eight.

As a team, the Seahawks intercepted 5.4% of the passes thrown against them this season—the best mark by any NFL team in five years.

And guess what? Sherman isn't the only former receiver among them. In fact, the Seahawks may boast the most offensive bunch of defenders in the NFL.

Too bad Ike never mastered that skill over the past decade instead of saying whatever he does is the true measure of cornerback greatness - if he had learned to catch the ball IMO Ike would have been All-Pro
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