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Default Re: Pirates entertaining offers for Jack Wilson

I, too, would be very unhappy if the Pirates would trade Jack Wilson. He is not only one of the team leaders on the field, but off the field as well. Pirates fans are already pissed off at management - I think this would send them over the edge, as Jack is one of the most popular Pirates players, if not THE fan favorite.

I don't have a problem with them trying to deal Burnitz, as his contract is fairly high for a player who hasn't come close to living up to his expectations this season, but I would be pretty damned mad if they trade Craig Wilson or Sean Casey. I think both players have more than proven their worth to this young team.

I was kind of shocked to hear this comment from a team source....

"But that doesn't mean people aren't asking," the source said. "People are really knocking on the door for our relievers."
Huh? The Pirates' bullpen, imho, has been their achilles heel this season by not being able to hold a lead going into the late innings. Other than Gonzo and occasionally Torres, the bullpen has sucked!

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