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Default Re: Pirates entertaining offers for Jack Wilson

Originally Posted by Jeremy
And even with him in the lineup they're 30-60.

WAKE UP!!!!!!

It's time to get real in Pittsburgh about what it's going to take to win. And what it takes is good veteran pitchers to head up that rotation. Jack Wilson is one man among 25. And there are no players on that roster who are untouchable. Angry mob my ass. Nobody cares about because the team has been losing. Sometime you have to dump a popular player in order to WIN.
OK...I'll play along with this....

You described Jack as "overpaid..and underperforming"...(your words)....

What type of impact pitcher would you get for a player the type that you describe?

You blast this kid...and follow it up with "we need good veteran pitchers".....

and I'm supposed to "WAKE UP"??

Clue in on this....keep the Bays, Wilsons. Sanchez's, Paulinos, Bautistas, Castillos.....

keep the Snells, Maholms, Dukes, Gonzales'....

dump..and please...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...stop signing the Burnitz's, Randas, Hernandez's (both of em)...

Jack Wilson is NOT the problem...throwing away money on has beens and never will be's IS the problem. If we had more players with the drive and determination to win that Jack Wilson has...we wouldnt be anywhere as bad as we are...
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