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Default Re: Pirates entertaining offers for Jack Wilson

Derek Jeter - OK
Miguel Tejada - OK
Jose Reyes - OK
Orlando Carbrera - HELL NO
Bobby Crosby - LMAO!
David Eckstein - EVEN
Rafeal Furcal - OK
Khalil Greene - NO
Edgar Renteria - OK
Jimmy Rollins - NO
Michael Young - OK, and very, very underrated IMO

That's only 6, with 2 I think he's even with. And how Omar Vizquel was left off this list is beyond me - he's better than half those guys and he's almost 40 years old. I'd still rather keep Jack - sorry if you disagree. The ONLY way I'd agree with trading him is if we get someone like Francisco Liriano or C.C. Sabathia in return.

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