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Default Re: Pirates entertaining offers for Jack Wilson

Jeremy, you go brudda!

From far away, where Pirates games are only box scores and an occasional XM broadcast on the way home from work, I don't get to see the popularity, I only get to see what the numbers are. I see a decent guy who looks good because everyone else is so bad. I see Gene Alley, a popular player who was OK.

Would you be upset if the Bucs traded FOR Jack Wilson? Or would everyone be screaming what the heck, we need more than a guy who hits .270 with 15 home runs... hey wait, that's Joe Randa, isn't it? (Actually for his career Wilson is averaging 8 hrs and .263 per 162 games.)

We have a decent enough offense. The problems with the Bucs are pitching and defensive discipline. If we could get some young guys who can pitch in the majors at the end of this year or the beginning of next, then we should move Wilson. He's part of what we have the most of.

The flip side is that the only top shortstop prospect in the Bucs farm system is error prone Javier Guzman at AA Altoona (33 errors in 137 games in '05); the guys at AAA Indy are hitting like .213 and .230 respectively. So we would need a pitching prospect and an infield prospect. But the Bucs won World Series with Ducky Schofield, Jackie Hernandez, and Tim Foli at ss.
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