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Default Re: Why Pittsburgh Should Let Sanders Walk

Originally Posted by CNEW View Post
He's going to get the money he deserves, as most FA's do. Sanders gets shitted on for dropping the "memorable" passes, but his numbers last year are nothing to scoff at. He has a lot of talent.
In all fairness, Heath dropped a few this year as well. I also agree that Sanders raw numbers are nothing to rise one's nose over.

That said, there is something in those numbers that indicate, he has trouble getting open on a consistent basis. I think we can all agree he is not a #1 type WR, a debatable talent as a #2, which leaves him as a reasonably productive #3 at best. Welker or an Eddleman he's not.

IMO, with the talent that is in the FA pool this year, I doubt he's going to command big money. It's highly likely he will get more than what the Steelers will offer him, but he will not get stupid money like Wallace did. Not even close. If he gets more than 3 yrs at $10 mil, somebody is doing drugs
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