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Default Re: HBO's True Detective

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
has anyone been watching this?

I never start following a new television series in its first year, because they either suck and dont grab my attention, or i really like them and they get cancelled (ive only seen the last 2 seasons of Sons of Anarchy which quickly became my favorite).

However, a few weekends ago i watched most of the People vs, Larry Flynt and A time to Kill, and then the very beginning of Ed TV (a movie i still havent seen).

I was pretty convinced there was no way woody harrelson and mathew mcconauhey would fail to deliver.

2 weeks i caught the first 2 episodes. it plays like a movie, and the "movie" seemed over in 30 minutes leaving me wanting more.

forget about the great script and storyline. the acting and character development is superb and these 2 are at their best. the way the story is told is brilliantly done.

the series will only be 8 episodes (8 hrs) long and then next season begin again with a new story line and cast of characters.

if you dont have HBO, i would say its probably even better to sit down on a weekend and watch the thing in its entirety, like a movie once the series ends.
My feelings exactly. I'll get around to watching it soon, but the reason I knew I should check it out is the cast as you pointed out.
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