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Default Re: Bill Nye (Evolution) vs. Ken Ham (Creation) Debate @ Creation Museum

It was a joke. It was held on Ham's turf, and all the creationists still swear up and down that science is bullshit and doesn't hold up to its own testing, no matter how many successful tests or blatant evidence you put in front of them. I got fired up during the debate because of how ridiculous Ham is, and I have a couple of relatives who are creationists (one of whom tried to add me on Facebook once he caught wind of my, uh, extremely honest and blunt posts, so he could argue with me), but at the end of it all, I've realized this: we just need to prevent these morons from getting public office and swaying the vote, and letting their culture die out. It's not going to end any other way, unfortunately.

The main problem is, though, that they'll still infect their children while they have the chance.
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