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Default Re: What is it like to be around Steeler fans all the time???

I live in Atlanta, where there are tons of die-hard Steelers fans. I have never lived in Pittsburgh, but I along with my much of my extended family, who live all across the country (Miami, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Baltimore and some still in Pittsburgh), are giant Steelers fans. In my neighborhood this past year, 20 people who are Steelers fans gathered and had a bonfire party the night of the Super Bowl, and when I went to my school during the weeks before the Super Bowl, a dozen people wore jerseys or brought Terrible Towels. Where I live, there are several Steelers bars where maybe 50 to 100 people will gather for every game, whether its a winning season or not. In 1996, the last time the Steelers came to Atlanta, the Georgia Dome was probably half-filled with Steelers fans. However, there are tons of people who claim to be Falcons "die-hards." However, as has been said in other posts, these people would probably never root for the Falcons if they moved. Around the country, I have seen Mike Vick jerseys, but when I ask them if they are Falcons fans, they say they just like the shirt. People tell me I should change to become a Falcons fan, but I tell them that the Steelers have always been my team, and the Falcons are lame and their fans are nowhere close to as crazy.
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