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Default Re: Sports illustrateds "footballs greatest" features right steelers.

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
It is still the best Super Bowl of all time. ALL TIME IMO. The announcers were perfect, the ebb and flow of the game was perfect. It wasn't low scoring, it wasn't high scoring - it was just all around the epitome of Super Bowl drama.

Kinda like . . .
"Now it's Creed, now it's Balboa, now it's Creed, now it's Balboa, they're standing toe to toe in the center of the ring, what's keeping these two up, a tremendous closing moment . . ."

Evenly matched, anybody's game, legendary plays, perfect drama for any type of fan.
People do forget that the Steelers dominated the third quarter (going up 20-9) though; which somewhat diminishes the game.

There were only three drives in that quarter since PIT's FG drive lasted over 8 1/2 minutes (!).

That 'lull' carried over into fourth (since PIT has a historically dominant 4Q D) until half the quarter was over.

That's when the madness happened.

It was similar to Panthers-Pats, when the first and third quarters were real snoozers with the second and fourth quarters being track meets

I do agree that it's one of the best SBs (in my lifetime) ever though. Maybe second after Broncos-Pack.
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