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Default Re: Sports illustrateds "footballs greatest" features right steelers.

Originally Posted by Steel and Gold View Post
I'd take Hines ward over most of those guys. For a good chunk of his career, he didn't have a QB, he's got all receiving steeler record, and he's the toughest/greatest blocking WR ever. He's also got the postseason credentials.

We're just going to have to disagree here.

Ward's tough as nails and a great all-around WR, but he wasn't as 'dynamic' as most of the guys I named.

And the whole 'never had a QB' argument is not unique to him and him alone:

I mean, Sterling Sharpe had the Majik Man and Tomczak throwing to him for most of his career before Favre arrived.

Alworth had John Hadl (who appears to have been good, but is never mentioned in the annals of great QBs).

Largent had Dave Krieg, a 'Hall of very good' QB and Jim Zorn.

Poor Isaac Bruce was stuck with Chris Miller's and Tony Banks' until his sixth season.

Chris Carter had at least seven different QBs throwing him passes between 1990-2001. Tim Brown had at least six from 1988-2003.

Larry Fitz only had three years of Warner before he retired; the rest of his QBs have been Leinart's, McCown's, Skelton's, Lindell's, Kolb's and Palmers...

None of this is to denigrate Hines, merely point out how WR has primarily been a position valued for play-making [and those other guys did it better under similar conditions]. In those terms Hines is maybe in the top-20 all time (if he's lucky).

Most of Hines' 'edge' vs. the competition is built on the reputation that he was a 'rugged' receiver.

It's what made him great, for sure, but those other guys... *whistle* They're what I think of first when I think of the position.
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