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Default Re: Sports illustrateds "footballs greatest" features right steelers.

Originally Posted by Steel and Gold View Post
While Tim Browns and cris Carter's QBs weren't HOFers, Randall Cunningham, Dante Culpepper, and Rich Gannon weren't slouches.

If these receivers are as good as you say they are, a "hall of very good" should be all they need. What good are these guys if they can only show these talents with super duper QBs?

And it's not like Ben is a GOAT. He's certainly my personal fav but he'll be the first one to tell you he's not Johnny U.

Some of these receivers years may have been great when their QBs showed up, I don't think a lot of these guys were known.

Sterling sharpe, Isaac bruce , and fitz(no disrespect to them) may have only had Favre and warner for a few years but those were some pretty damn good years.
Favre was Favre and Warner was a multi MVP as well. Fitz alone hasn't done much since Warner.

And no offense to sharpe, but I just can't recognize a guy that had as short a career as he did. Same with Terrell Davis.

I'd make the case Hines down years were better than most the guys you mentioned. Down years referring to when they didn't have their "marquee QBs". Especially when bens early years weren't the best for him as an individual stat.

And when lynn Swann and stallworth played for your team, it's pretty impressive for you to be the GOAT steeler WR.

And GOAT blocking receiver means something.
I am pretty sure you are just looking through your coal, iron ore and scrap steel colored glasses.
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